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 Forum Rules

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Admin Eddy
Admin Eddy

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:10 pm

Forum Rules :

Here are the rules and guidelines you should follow when posting on our board. These have been put in place to keep a clean and healthy community. It also makes our server attractive to newcomers.

01. DO NOT use a swear words to insult anyone.
02. DO NOT post pictures or videos of any kind of adult.
03. DO NOT Flame or Disrespect other users.
04. DO NOT advertise for other servers, games, or other material the staff may deem against the rules. We can decide against pretty much everything, so use your better judgement.
05. DO NOT harass other people.
06. Post in English. We open our doors to all countries around the nation, but understand that our staff primarily uses English, as well as the rest of the board. Please post topics in English, unless we decide to open language specific sub forums.
07. DO NOT post copy-write things and pass it off as your own work.
08. DO NOT have a huge signature. Keep them under 700x150 pixels; if it takes up a whole page, it’s too big.
09. Please optimize those image to as small as possible (jgp recommended).

09. DO NOT SPAM all over the forums to increase you're post count. It's ok to like reply back and have long chats with people but spamming as in just typing one letter words or just emoticons expect in 'Off-Topics' section.
09. DO NOT post in the wrong category. Read the section you are posting in, before creating a new topic. (Each category is clearly marked as to what should be posted where)
10. DO NOT post links or downloads to anything bad. (Like a virus, bots,adult stuff like that)
11. DO NOT repeat any topic and double posting. Check around and use the search feature to see if your topic already exists.
12. Please look through the pinned topics before posting a question or problem, it might already be answered.
13. DO NOT have offensive avatars or signatures. (Use some common sense with this one)
14. GM's have the final word in all matters.

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Forum Rules
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