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 GM Rules

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Admin Eddy
Admin Eddy

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PostSubject: GM Rules    Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:57 am

Here are the rules that GMs need to discipline.

There is a set chain of command for GMs, which EVERY GM is to follow. Owner/Admin, Head GM, then rankings go down based on GM level. If a higher level GM tells you what to do, you do it, unless it breaks one of the following rules:

01 - Do not abuse GM commands. This includes for fun or power. You are to show professionalism while on this account. It is a privilege and a high respect.

02 - GM WILL NOT give items, zeny, or levels to players. This includes if a legit gives you an item it MAY NOT be returned at ALL. It will stay on the GM Account.

03 - GM characters MAY NOT join non GM guilds. They are to stay in the GM guild.

04 - GM characters MAY NOT join non GM parties.

05 - GM's CAN NOT be Married to players, other GM's, or to themselves.

06 - GMs WILL NOT use GM skills to benefit their own non GM accounts, or others.

07 - GMs WILL NOT use GM commands in excess. Example - using GM skills that lag the server, cause players to error, or killing players outside of events.

08 - GMs will respect all players as well as other GM/Admins.

09 - All GM's are limited to 1 alt GM character on their account incase something happens to their main GM Character. This alt character should be similar to the main GM Name such as "[GM] Examples ALT" Any more then 1 alt needs to be confirmed with an Administrator or Head GM for approval.

10 - All GM's when banning anyone need to have a screenshot of "Why", and "Who" they are banning. All ban's need to be done through reasons. And post a ban topic on the forums into 'Report A Player / GM' section when banning player.

11 - All Staff is to be as un-bias'd as possible. Friends are friends yes, but when you are on a GM Account, you are a staff member, not a play-mate.

12 - Active Staff needs to be tentative to their GM Accounts. Playing legit is great but you were hired for a job. Logging in 10 minutes a day to say hello or to afk IS NOT acceptable. Try to be on a minimum of 10 hours a week. With a minimum of at least 3 events per week.

13 - All Active Staff who is serious on keeping a position on Empire RO must know this one thing. If your a GM, you MAY NOT lead a WoE based Guild.

All these Rules are displayed to the public eye for both GM's and Players alike. If there are any issues with GM's please get screenshots and chat logs of any "illegal" activity done by a GM and report it in the 'Report A Player / GM' section on the forums.

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GM Rules
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