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 How To Report A Player / GM

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Admin Eddy
Admin Eddy

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PostSubject: How To Report A Player / GM   Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:15 am

How To Report A Player/GM

Make sure there are :
1. Always provide screenshots.
2. Always provide enough details for us to easily work on the report.
3. Always be true to what happened, if we investigated and found out that you lied, you will be punished.

Here is The Format of Reporting A Player/GM

We ask you follow this format for reporting to make the process of handling cases faster. Posts not following this format will be ignored and discarded for lack of effort. All players are innocent until proven guilty.

*Screenshots MUST be included in reports, reports without screenshots will be discarded for lack of evidence. In following Screenshots can not be edited.

Topic Title: (Type of Abuse), (Accused)

Your Name:
What Happened:
Item(s) Lost:
Additional Information:

Here is an example of a correct post :

Topic Title: Racism, Michael

Abuse: Racism
Accused: Michael
Your Name: Eddy
What Happened: My friends and I were pvping in the pvp room when we kill Bad Angel and he starts going off with racist remarks, not cool man!
Item(s) Lost: None
Witnesses: John and Mark.
Screenshot(s): Screenshots you'd have of the incident.
Additional Information: He's mean.

My website :http://EddyBoy.tk/
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How To Report A Player / GM
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