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 PvP & WoE Rules

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Admin Eddy
Admin Eddy

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PostSubject: PvP & WoE Rules   Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:13 am

Player vs Player (PvP) :

* Guilds will always protect thier members, even if they are fighting each other and you assist.
* Nobody knows you. Earn some respect by rubbing peoples faces into the floor, your other char doesnt give your new one respect.
* If you want peace, you ask for it aloud, not in PM, you need to prove that its either more beneficial to stop killing you, or that they are wasting thier time killing you, the latter being less likely.
* By randoming someone (Killing or showing obvious intent to kill) you are allowing yourself to be free target by everyone in pvp.
* GMs will not tend to Randoming reports.
* That’s about it. PvP is generally free-for-all.
* Do not complain for randomly getting killed in PVP rooms.Remember PVP rooms is not a place to hang out.
* If you feel the need to talk shit in pvp, be aware that it is punishable if someone complains. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

War of Emperium (WoE) :

* War of Emperium is a guild competition intended to provide entertainment for the Rapture community. Whilst it is good to be competitive, players should keep in mind that there’s no need to elevate rivalries beyond that.
* Failure to comply with the stated War Emperium rules will result in punishment, which gradually escalates in severity if continually ignored.
* No Blockage of Castles' Entrances :
During WOE it is forbidden to cast ICE WALL, use any skill or items that would prevent players from entering a castle.

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PvP & WoE Rules
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