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 Server/In-Game Rules

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Admin Eddy

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PostSubject: Server/In-Game Rules   Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:51 am

List of rules when playing on Empire RO server!

We encourage players to report broken rules or misbehavior from other players. But if you have problems with another player(s)/guild(s), please try to fix them by talking first.

* English
To play this server everyone must understand and be able to write a comprehensible English. If a GM addresses you, you must be able to understand, answer and comply. Those who have problems which English should do efforts, but obviously we don't ask for perfection, simply a level high enough to allow communication.

* Use English on Main
The Main channel must be used in English only. You can write any languages in other chats though but main stays English.

* Be respectful to everyone
Insulting, the use of swears, discrimination, racism, sexism or any other offending comments may result in punishment. That goes for everywhere, especially on the Main Chat for everyone. Do not purposely kill other players outside of PvP/GvG enabled map via any means. This also includes usage any skill what so ever to defend, buff, heal, kill steal, undo aggro status or steal a non-MVP monster, unless the person asked for you to do so. Follow the MVP Domination Rule regarding these actions for a MVP.

* Restriction in Naming Conventions
Below is the list of letters/numbers/symbols allowed in creation of a character's name. Make sure to also choose a name that is appropriate (aka no slander, profanity, insult, etc!). Player names who do not respect this rule will be sent to jail until a new name is chosen, the character can also be deleted if the name is too offensive. Using similar name as an existing player to carry out malicious act or to purposely ruin the player's reputation is also a punished offence.

You cannot make character whose name starts with "GM-", "GM", "Event-" or "Event" (or the small caps of them). These are reserved for GM usages.

No using of GM's name or the servers name to your character's name,party's name or guild name or guild tittle or pet/homunculus name or shop name or chat room name, etc.

* MvP Domination Rule
All of the MVPs are free to be attacked by any player. However, the first one/first party present at a MvP will be considered the "dominating party." To be present, this means engaging the MvP so that either the player/party are attacking the MvP, or the MvP is attacking (or clearly chasing) that player/party.

Participation in the attack to the MVP must not interfere in the strategy that the dominating player/party is using and must try to mold to this.

Based on the above, the following will be illegal:
-Your presence in the elimination of the MVP tears down the strategy of the dominating player/party
-Your attacks to the MVP repeatedly cause the use of "Teleport" beyond the frequency of accidental human error
-Your interference causes the death of the others competing for the MVP if you bring alien mobs to the MVP or don’t know how to control the slaves of the MVP
-Your attack causes no effect or real damage to the MVP except to lure it away
-You pretend ignorance regarding a Strategy, MVP's slave control or other MVP related knowledge. You are held responsible that if you decide to MVP, you understand all aspects of the MVP's behavior. Ignorance will not be accepted as a reason to violate MVP Domination rule *EXCEPT* for newly released MVPs, where there will be a 2 week grace period starting from time of release for all players to learn and figure out aspects of new MVPs.

“Strategic MVP Support” may be use to eliminate the MVP, as long as the strategy is justified and does not solely intended to prevent others to come and kill it. This includes using Safety Wall to prevent the MvP's Pneuma (and vice versa), or land protector, but is not limited to only these spells.

Any spells that can boost a MVP's offensive power or restore their Hit Points cannot be used on the MVP by anyone except members of the dominating party.

A dominating party loses its status when the party dies or no longer engages the MVP (that is, no longer attacking the MVP and/or no longer being attacked by the MVP.) Even if the previous party returns, they do not regain their dominating status. Should the MVP be the one who teleports away, then domination status is reset, and whoever engages the MVP first becomes the new dominating party.

These rules do not apply to a MVP's slaves, any MVP in GM events, guild dungeons (where you can directly kill other guilds' parties) or MVPs public DB room unless stated otherwise by a GM.

* Kill Steal (KS) for Non-MvP Monsters
Do not hit a monsters that "belongs" to another players. Any monster that is attacking/chasing the player, or if the player is also attacking that monster, counts as "belonging" to that player. KS rules do not apply in any GM hosted events unless stated otherwise by the GMs.

* Do Not Beg
Players used work or wits to gain their items/zeny. Do the same, don't go around begging for items or money.
Do not beg for anything to our GM's.Remember everyone else started with none, and we all get through it.

* Do Not Bot/Macro
Botting will result in a permanent ban of all accounts and any type of macro will result in a permanent account ban, no exceptions. Failure to pass the botting/macro test from GMs, regardless of "actual reasons," will be treated as using bots or macro programs.
Botting, Hacking or using 3rd party programs to your advantage and personal gain is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

* Do Not Loot Steal
Do not steal the loots of other people, be it from monsters or when a player is unloading pets. Items on the ground, especially if unloaded from the pet, still counts as the player's property.

* Vending Shops and Chatrooms
Do no set vending shops or chat within a 7x7 area (3 cell radius) of any NPC, including warps. Only one vender can occupy one cell. In Prontera, shops and chat boxes can only be set up on the side walks. Vending Shops can only be put up in a town or maps without *any* monsters.

* No Spamming
Repeatedly emitting the same line(s) of text whether it's consistent or not or in short SPAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED.
And also. No spamming of skills in Prontera. It's a 'no skill zone' area now to avoid lags.

* Do Not Cheat
If you find a bug or abuse, report it immediately to the GM Team via PM on the forum. Failure to report a bug or abuse is considered a violation of this rule and the passives will be seriously punished.

* No advertising for any server/website/game
Do not advertise any other server/website/game. Mentioning another server can be considered advertising. Mentioning official server names are allowed.

* No Flaming
DO NOT flame the server. If there is something you don't like, talk to a GM and they will try their best to understand and come up with a solution.

* Regarding shared accounts
Account sharing is not our responsibility and is not encouraged by the GM team. The GM team will not consider movement of items due to account sharing as an act of stealing. The selling/trading of an account or item counts as a form of sharing account, therefore not supported by GM's.
- Real money transactions involving items or accounts between players will not be tolerated be it on the forum or the server.
- Deals involving zeny and/or item in exchange for GM service are allowed.
No trading of accounts, zeny or items for real money.

* No Selling accounts/items
DO NOT sell any in-game item for real money, Attempts to do so will result in the seller being banned, and possibly the buyer as well.
- This includes buying or selling credits to or from other players for real money or anything that involves real money and other players, for that matter.
- This server isn’t the place to sell other accounts from other MMO’s, so DO NOT sell any other account either.
- Selling an account for real money is also punishable by a permanent ban. DO NOT do it.

* Regarding stolen items not from a shared account
If you lent an item and failed to get it back, this is considered stealing, it will be returned back to the owner if they make a support ticket providing unmodified screenshots of both the trade and the agreement to lend. Preferrably, the items and the agreement are in the same screenshot. The report sent needs to be as clear as possible with a precise time frame. Reports about trades older than 2 months will not be considered.
Item retrieval does NOT apply if the other person is banned - any items regardless of origin are always permanently locked with the banned account (unless the account is banned precisely because of stealing in the first place.)

* Do Not Tolerate/Assist in Rule-breaking Activities
Inaction to cover up a rule-breaking act committed by someone else, such as not reporting a bot due to being in the same guild/friends, not reporting fully banned member returning to Empire RO*, can also count as an offence. You should report on rule breakers as soon as possible.

These rules are here to ensure everyone has a fun time on Empire RO ^_^

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Server/In-Game Rules
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